Me gustan

In 2nd grade, students are singing a song about what they like about our school. They will sing this song in Spanish at the Children’s School Celebration of the Arts performance this Friday.

To help them better prepare, we sang their song in Spanish class and I saw it as an opportunity to teach the differences between “me gusta” and “me gustan”, also distinguishing between masculine and feminine.

Warm Up (5 minutes) – sing the song.

Guided Practice and Assessment (5 minutes) – think of new plurals, when students answer questions, they go to their seat where the “Me gustan” worksheet is on their desk.

PDF link: MegustaMegustan

Individual Practice (10 minutes) – Students work independently on their worksheet.

Assessment (5 minutes) – I call on individual students to read one sentence out loud to the class.

Early Finishers: Students are working on letters they still need to send to our penpals, or reading a book silently.


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