Ma famille

In 6th grade…

To wrap up the first unit in 6th grade French, I had my students create family trees. IMG_5207.JPG

They had to include the following information about each family member:

  • name
  • relation
  • age
  • 1 physical trait
  • 2 personality traits

To keep the rest of the class engaged during the presentation (I only have 6 students), I had them each take notes on one another’s presentations. This would contribute to their participation grades. Overall, the assignment turned out pretty well! I really enjoyed hearing about their families.

In 7th grade…

All in one day, I had students cut out a family tree using brown and green construction paper. They started it in class, and had the option to include picture for homework. Because we spent less time on this assignment and because it was review, the final product does not have the same attention to detail as the 6th grade project.




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